Pozivamo vas na besplatni mrežni trening

13 stu 2020
Pozivamo vas na besplatni mrežni trening – [vođena na engleskom jeziku]
We invite you to free online training
Topic: Service products for brake maintenance

? 17.11.2020 – Tuesday
Time at 17:00

Where ❓
➡️ MotoFocus FB profile

Agenda of the meeting:
We will show you which chemical products are worth using when servicing the brake system. We will present the application and method of use:
– brake fluid (and how to test it)
– Hydra Tec and Cera Tec lubricants
– brake cleaner.
In addition, we will describe special cases in the use of these products and examples of incorrect application of chemical products. Finally, we will answer the eternal question: should the hub be lubricated or not.

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